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Steffen Qwist - alias "The Vicar". Guitar. Born 13 th november 1964. Height: 184 cm. Weight: 80 kg. Shoe size: 44

Political observance: Yes
Religious observance: None
Sexual Observance: Jyske Bank fetishist

Favourite remarks:

"That you shall, my child"
"Yes, OK ...but couldn't we pull the practice over to a bit later?"

Steffen, contrary to the rest of us, lives in Helsingør. He likes Helsingør very much, he only leaves Helsingør very reluctantly, which at times makes it very difficult for the rest of us to remember what he looks like. Quite odd actually, because Steffan has a very 
characteristic appearance. he has an elegant classic profile with a very interesting nose.

When Steffen has to practice or do a recording with "Danser med Drenge", it as a rule happens when he has a long row of other 
activities in progress. Either he has to give a school recital, or he has to give a guitar lesson, or he has to perform in a "Åh-Abe" 
concert, or he has to go for a walk with his dog, Elly or his partner, Gitte - or with both of them, or else he has to go for a 
driving lesson. Or Steffen is moving. Steffen is always busy. In the 4 years he has performed with "Danser med Drenge", he has lived in 7 different places - all in Helsingør. And his tape with "Danser med Drenge" new number is always located in a packing crate, which finds itself in his previous dwelling.

Steffen's mother in-law is employed in the Jyske Bank in Helsingør, and that is why Steffen, for reasons of family solidarity is always wearing sponsor labelled clothes from the Jyske Bank. Unfortunately quite a bit of his clothes disappeared during one change of address, but luckily he found his beloved Jyske Bank socks, so he was able to wear them when our cover photos were taken.

Steffen acquired his nickname, "The Vicar", because he has found that the only sure way, that he is able to open the doors in the Intercity trains, is by making the sign of the cross.

Steffen has written about his own career:

- qualified office assistant as a social and health worker at Værløse municipality (with mayor Ernst Ellgaard - mayor of the year 1997)
- founding member of Værløse Bicycle Club
- First orchestra: Værløse Music School Bigband as drummer ( later, studied further to be a guitarist )
- first pop-band: BananFluerne [ The Banana flies ]
- first professional band: Troll, which played symphonic rock a la Brand X & Genesis
- lived during a stay at Brandbjerg Jazz festival together with the guitarist Jacob Fischer, which resulted in any plans of making a 
career as a jazz guitarist were dropped.
- moved to a shared house in Helsingør with some musicians (Henrik Launbjerg and Morten Bolvig) and ambitiously named the place "Hithouse". Unfortunately evil tongues soon altered this name to "Shithouse" ( the place where even the dogs feared to shit ). 
Together the collective + Hans Henrik Egestorp Christensen released the LP "One of these days" under the name "Toys of Joy".
- Others that I have performed with include: Morten Remar, Maria Montell, Børge Biceps, Monique, Nicolaj Christensen (minus pilots), Jacob Launbjerg, Cee Bea and the Dee-generation (Jeg vil ha' dig), Mænd i Blåt, TYG, Diverse Åh Abe, Hej, Frede, Tangokat projects etc....
- will gladly give guitar lessons to young people at sky high hourly rates.
- present abode: suburban house in Helsingør with partner Gitte and alsatian Elly.
- closest biological family: Mother Vivian Qwist, pharmacists assistant in Bagsværd. A younger half brother, Torben Nielsen, police 
officer and handball player.
- earlier student with Alf's Driving school in Helsingør

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