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Colonel Bolvig

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The Colonel - alias Morten Bolvig - borne 7th Sept 1966. Height: 182 cm, Weight: 74 kg, shoe size: 43


NOTE - Colonel Bolvig has left DmD as of 2022 after 22 years in the service to seek new battlefields...!

We think back with movement on the Colonel's merits in DmD and wish our cheerful commander and good friend all the best in the future!


Political observance: Not revealed

Religious observance: Atheist
Sexual Observance: Write to me at and all will be revealed. PS: Only mail with photos will be replied to...

Colonel Bolvig was actually baptised Morten, but as this name is not particularly trendy in military circles, he is only called Colonel, the Colonel or Colonel Bolvig. He is the orchestras technically skilled keyboard player, who plays all the difficult musical things such as solos,  themes and stuff like that - (in comparison to our other keyboard player: Stanley, who looks after the backing - the rhythm).

Colonel Bolvig is extremely quick to pick up “Danser med Drenge”’s material, which he demonstrated, when a short notice, he had to join the orchestra for our “Café Tour 2000” and at the same time learnt the “Danser med Drenge” numbers in one day - unfortunately he quickly forgets it again. Actually the Colonel forgets many things quite quickly - so quickly, that he often can’t remember the rest of us, when we meet on stage before a concert. Who are you? he will ask with great curiosity... At one time he forgot his keyboards, when we were playing in Jutland, so that we had to borrow a pedal organ from the forman of the local parochial church council in order to perform the concert.

One can say that he is a bit absent-minded - just like so many other great artists and scientists. Therefore it was only natural that we took part in the Alzheimer Benefit Concert in 2001 to assist the Colonel - unfortunately it was on that very occasion that he contracted the much publicised “Salute elbow”.

After our concerts in the provinces the Colonel is often very interested in establishing closer acquaintance with the towns local nightlife - or is it really the other way around?  Maybe the cause is that he is the only member of the orchestra who is still a bachelor and therefor he is a much sought after guest at the Jutland discotheques. We also receive many enquiries from young women - both at our concerts and here on the web site - women, who would like to experience the Colonels personage at closer quarters in an attempt, by devious means to seduce him to enter into matrimony. But up to now it hasn’t been a problem for the Colonel to 
resist these temptations, because of his unusually strong character. At this stage Klaus K. still has not managed, despite many energetic attempts, to convince the Colonel to let himself be auctioned off on E-Bay - with a view to providing publicity for Danser med Drenge.

The Colonel writes a bit about himself:

My earliest years were spent in Kastrup but I grew up in the Helsingør area. Despite my unmistakable talents as a football player (midfield strategist who often joins the attacks and scores) - I still see myself as being compelled to sustain myself as a musician. My musical career started in Helsingør with “Toys of Joy”, a Helsingør orchestra which produced several excellent records. At the same time I performed with Morten Remar, Maria Montell and “Mænd i Blåt”, all of them also from Helsingør. Since then I have moved to København and have played with a multitude of groups here. At the moment, besides Danser med Drenge, I also perform with Peter Viskinde.

I have a studio together with Henrik Launbjerg and Hans Egestorp, which is called Blue Kangaroo, where we regularly drink some coffee.

My football team ’F. C. Bolvig’ unfortunately lost the deciding game for the promotion of the team to the DAI’s “A” grade competition for 7 man aside teams, so the football career will probably remain in the shadow of the music for a while yet. Follow the progress of the ’F. C. Bolvig’ team on:

My military career started at the Rindsholm Inn where my infatuation for an armoured vehicle (a tank), which was in the back yard, could not be denied. I leapt over all the preliminary examinations and started immediately as a Colonel - an occupation I only maintain in Danser med Drenge and certain sexual situations.

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