Philippa Therese Holme Bulgin
6. may 1967 - 22. march 1994
Philippa - malet
                          af hendes mor, Mia Bulgin

In september 1993 Philippa became ill and was told that her life expectancy was reduced. Even so none of us would have thought that the time to our separation would go so quickly. After all she was young - and she was good. It would be meaningless, if she was not permitted to enjoy the success that she had recently gained, when "Danser med Drenge" released their first record. We - including Philippa - thought that we would manage to make many more songs, before she had to depart. 

Therefore it came as a shock to all of us, when she - after a short but unbelievably good tour - already in december '93 was told that she was to be admitted to hospital again. We all knew what this meant, but we found it difficult to admit it and continued to encourage her to become well, so we could make more music - even though deep down we knew this wasn't possible.

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Commemorative words
Eventually our hypocrisy became too much for her, and shortly before her death she lifted the burden from our shoulders, and said that we should begin to look for a new female singer, and continue with the orchestra - without her.

Naturally we were not able to do this until quite some time later - even so her gesture was a noble helping hand, which we could use - both to overcome the grief of losing her and to continue on here in life.

Philippa is buried in the church yard Holmens Kirkegård along Øster Farimagsgade in Copenhagen..