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Henrik Stanley Møller - alias uncle Stanley, Stjernly, Stan: Born 20th february ????, 170 cm, 65 kg, shoe size: 43

Political observance: What do you think?
Religious observance: None - in that all people called Stanley, automatically go to heaven.
Sexual Observance: Takes... what ever comes along

Nobody accurately knows how old Stanley is - he can't remember and his birth certificate disappeared from the State archives during a fire training exercise many years ago. His doctor attempted a few years ago to do a carbon-14 dating on him as Stanley had to have a liver test done anyway - but when the results of the test were received, it was shown that Stanley was 344 years old and had a liver number of minus 2. The doctor felt that there must have been some error with the tests  - especially the liver test which looked a bit odd - and the matter was shelved for an indefinite period.

Stanley himself says, that he can clearly remember King Frederik and Queen Ingrid's wedding ( in 1935 ) - in return his 
memory floats a bit when it concerns the assassination of President Kennedy ( in 1963 ) - and when the conversation turns to the fall of the Berlin wall ( in 1989 ) he clearly begins to ramble on. Inversely he obstinately maintains that he lost a large personal fortune in the Wall street crash ( in 1929 ) - including a very rare plasticine collection by the artist Per Kirkebye.

After reading the above some people would perhaps maintain , that Stanley is just lying. Nothing could be more incorrect - Stanley has never told a lie in his life. It has only happened once - and then it went completely wrong for him: When Stanley was younger he was employed by the Postal service in Hørsholm. At the same time he was a member of the orchestra "Tøsedrengene". From here his nickname: The singing postman. Now one day it worked out such, that Stanley had to perform at a concert with "Tøsedrengene" at the same time that he had to work as a postman in Hørsholm. Therefor Stanley reported himself ill to avoid his postal duties with out observing that the whole town during the night had been plastered all over with his smiling face on placards, that announced that he and "Tøsedrengene" would be performing in the Hørsholm Hall that very evening.

It was a black day in Stanley's life. He was called to an interview with the postmasters, had his official emblems ripped off, about 
faced and expelled from the service in disgrace. This is the greatest scandal in the Postal services history. In consideration of the other scandals, that have happened in the Postal service, such as the package cruncher at the Postal sorting office and the thousands of CDs that disappeared from Købmagergades Post office, we felt that Stanley's little 'sickie' should be relegated, as a mere trifle. But that was not how it was to be.

Since his flirtation with the postal service, which unfortunately ended rather unhappily. Stanley has been able to devote himself to 
two other great interests: Reggae music and euphoriant remedies - including in particular, alcohol. He was an splendid manager of the "Allerød Wine Shop" as well as an assistant housewife in Hørsholm Trades Club, where he with great charm served draught beer to Rungsted Icehocky Clubs at their home game, with out any one being able to trace it in the results. But it was first and foremost in the area of music, where Stanley has harvested honour.

Stanley is the "King of Reggae" - no reggae orchestra can survive for any length of time with out Stanley at the keyboard. Just look at "The Reggae Monsters", which formed - with out Stanley - on the 1 st of February 1982 at 11 o'clock - and was disbanded because of a lack of a reggae-mood, half an hour later. Look at Peter Tosh, look at The Wailers, the list goes on and on.

Stanley has contributed to many records - just look at his discography:

- All "Tøsedrengene" records
- The Lejrbåls
- "Prince Stanley & The Reggae Kings" - (never released)
- "Stan the man" - (coming soon)
- "Stanley synger julen ind"   ["Stanley sings Christmas in"] - (just on the door step)
- "Jeg foretrækker æblemost" ["I prefer Apple Juice"] - duet with Aage Hagen
- further more the ballad opera "Ostemider - nu og ved firetiden" - ("Cheese mites - now and at about 4 o'clock") - released on a rotary ironer in the Faeroes islands with support from Arla Foods

Stanley has in his life time lived in some unusual places, like the Zoological Gardens in København and "Rungsted Kro", an inn in Rungsted, which though could not be blamed on Stanley, but on his father Stanley Møller senior, who was a restauranteur in both 
establishments. Stanley now lives in Charlottenlund in an earlier collective. But Stanley has still not been willing to accept that the 
collective has long since been abandoned and moved away from and that the property is now inhabited by a nuclear family, who maintain, that the property belongs to them, and that Stanley ought to move. They do of course have a deed to the property, but Stanley does not acknowledge a deed as documentation for the title to a property. It is where ones slippers are placed that matters, Stanley insists.

Stanley cultivates his private life, when his limited free time permits - together with his partner Chalotte.

NOTE... See Stanley in his birthday suit

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