Klaus K.

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Klaus K - alias Kjellerup, alias uncle Tjelly:  Born 27. april 1954. Height 178 cm. Weight 72 kg, shoe size: 43

Political observance: benighted, absolute monarchy
Religious observance: God sees all and punishes severely.
Sexual Observance: That thing, sex - it could be amusing to try it one of these days...

Klaus K is "Danser med Drenge" conductor [Kapellmeister] and bass guitarist. A very domineering type, who has only ever met one who was more than his match, that being when he met the film director, Søren Fauli. Kjellerup is a competent and ambitious bloke, who since his childhood has struggled to gain the attention of his parents, which was very difficult, because he as the first born son in a larger siblings group of full- half- and quarter brothers and sisters, who soon left him to himself and his own initiative.

His parents felt, that little Klaus should join his fathers old family firm, the shipping company C.K. Hansen, and therefore Klaus was placed in the finest schools, Krebs' School and Sorø Academy, where he in the meantime did not fare particularly well. That is why he, as a countermeasure, developed rebellious tendencies and a dislike towards all systems, authorities and people, that think that "right" things exist, and that it should be done in the "right' way. In other words: A completely normal childish pubescent reaction.

The problem in the meantime for Klaus is that, in contrast to every one else, he has not had the ability to grow out of his pubescent and childish way of behaving. This gives itself expression in many entertaining incidences, for example, when he fights with his 5 year old son, about who should turn on the television set, when they are going to watch "Teddy Bear and Chicken". Or when he kicks an elderly lady in the bum, because she has queue jumped in front of him at the checkout counter at the supermarket ISO. 

Otherwise Klaus has all manner of reasons to be satisfied with his life - he has a delightful family and a beautiful young wife, actress Wencke Barfoed, and two delightful children - they live in a nice place and have sufficient money - furthermore he has been very successful as a songwriter, journalist and as a stock market speculator. He even has a great orchestra where he is permitted to make all the decisions, well nearly all - but even so he is still not satisfied. That is why Klaus is always a bit surly - if not to say 
very surly. Accusations an injustices fly towards his person, and with action against the world with many court cases. For Klaus , 
there isn't any issue that is so small, that it can't be inflated to be a scandal of global proportions.

But Klaus is not happy with this image. He is not his own type. So therefore at times he tries - with a great deal of talent - to play 
the part of the jovial lad, who thinks that life is glorious. But do not be mistaken: This goes very much against his will. Even so, many 
people, who do not know him that well, can be fooled into thinking that here is a reference to a spontaneous and giving person. But he is not like that. It could never occur to him to part with anything, without insisting that he gets double that in return - except for 
people, named Arne, who he always becomes soft hearted towards and would give every thing that he owns, if they asked him for it. Here Klaus has an interesting freudian flaw, which originates from his relationship with the principal, at the time, of Sorø Academy, Arne Østergaard - who was referred to, as "Black Arne" and "Grand Piano", because of his presumed political stance, and the fact that he walked with a cane.

Included in Klaus' other eccentricities is, his habit of pulling the filters off cigarettes before he smokes them, plus he refuses to step onto any form of public transport, for political reasons. Klaus accepts it as an honour, if people in the record industry, refer to 
"Danser med Drenge" as "Svanser for penge" (Swivel the hips for money), but in return he becomes furious, if any one praises his 
music, because blushing makes him very uncomfortable.

Favourite remarks:

"Må jeg være fri!" - ("May I be free" - "God!, give me strength" - "Come on! Give us a break") 
"Nåh, men du må videre"  - ("Well, you must be going")
"... og husk bilag!" - ("... don't forget reciepts")

Klaus writes a bit about himself:

"Why is it so difficult to be a human being? Why is life a scandal? Why is it impossible to enjoy oneself for more than 12 seconds and 7 frames at a time? Every time you, for example, have just met up with a new beautiful girlfriend, you can be certain that the next thing 
you will hear is that some cleaner has shot himself. And if one day you at last experience some good fortune in your profession - a 
little acknowledging nod from someone one you respect - you can be certain that a few minutes later you will get a toothache.

In my next life - that is not the first one. There I will be a King, but in the life after the next - there I will be a gene spliced 

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