Ris, ros, diskussioner, mm ...

Afsendt:28-12-2011 16:56:06
Afsender:Klaus K
Emne:Thank you, Hofmann ...!
Thank you, Hofmann ... These are beautiful photos from a great concert and a great time in Denmark. Just a little sad to see only one photo of "Onkel Stanley" (far left on the blurred band photo). Well, shit happens ...

The concert (and the tour) was following the release of the 4th album by Tøsedrengene in 1983. The band discarded in 1985 after 6 albums as you might know. More about the history here:

Danser med Drenge did a concert with 3 members of the old Tøsedrengene at the 25 year anniversary in 2004. Five of the seven members of the old band played together with DmD. The concert was a huge success and it is avaiable on DVD. You will remember many of the old songs:

Thanks for the photos, Hofmann :)

Højt humør Klaus K